8 Tips for Maintaning Your Diet and Combating the Holiday Bulge

by DR. CINDY on November 10, 2012

Maintaining Your Healthy Diet During the Holidays…


Here are some tips for maintaining your diet this holiday season and to prevent you from gaining the dreaded holiday bulge!


1.  Learn how to say “NO”…

Everyone and their mother will be having a holiday function and you will receive lots of invitations.  It’s OK to not go to all of them.  Choose those that you MUST attend (your best friend’s, company event, in-laws) and then gracefully decline the others. Every event that you attend gives you more opportunities to overeat and destroy your current healthy dietary lifestyle. Maintaining your diet starts with the events you choose and the frequency in which you attend them in the holiday season.


2.  Drink lots of water throughout the day

When we are dehydrated, we mistake this feeling for hunger.  Drinking a large glass of water half an hour before eating will make you feel fuller and turn off your hunger signals. Think about drinking water in lieu of alcohol.  Alcohol dehydrates the body, and also has a high sugar content which adds unnecessary and hollow calories to your current intake, which none of us need.


3.  Eat something before you go

A light, healthy meal or a protein shake before attending an event will prevent you from gorging on high fat, high sugar foods (and you know there will be lots of those dishes at these events!)  NEVER go to an event on an empty stomach.  It’s the same as going grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Avoiding large quantities of food and drink at times when you are aching for a meal is a great way to maintain your dietary goals at any time throughout the year, and especially during these calorie packed holiday times.


4.  Bring your own food

This is a great option when you are attending the event of someone that you are more familiar with. You can offer to bring a dish to the event, and prepare something healthy and delicious.  Unless the event is being catered, your host will appreciate your generosity. Perhaps you can get some nice feedback from the guests and a warm reception for your homemade dish.


5.  Find the fruit

Eat generous portions of the fruit and vegetable platters.  The high fiber content of these foods will make you feel fuller and has the added benefit of cleaning out your colon.


6.  Think SMALL!

Use small plates and take smaller portions of only two or three items at a time.  Don’t fill your plate to overflowing.  You can always go back for seconds if you still feel hungry after you’ve finished your first serving.


7.  Eat like a cow

No, I don’t mean eat huge quantities.  I mean chew your food slowly and thoroughly before swallowing.  This helps you break down your foods so that you can absorb the nutrients more efficiently.  Also, when you eat slowly you won’t miss when your body tells you that you are full.  When we eat too quickly, our brains can’t send the signals fast enough to our bodies that we are full.  By the time we get the message, we’ve already eaten way too much for our own good.


8.  Listen to your body

Feeling tired, gassy or bloated?  Having headaches or heartburn?   These are all signs from our body that it doesn’t like what it’s ingesting.  When you start feeling any of these symptoms, put down your knife and fork and step away from your plate!


It’s easy to make excuses for overeating during the holiday season: it’s a time of celebration, it’s a time to spend with family and friends, it’s the season to eat, drink and be merry.  However, if we aren’t careful with our food choices especially during this time, it can mean the difference between having ten more years to celebrate or twenty!

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