Hi, I’m Dr. Cindy and many moons ago, I was a chemist with a start-up pharmaceutical company.  Working there gave me a bird’s-eye view of the industry, and I was not impressed with what I saw!   I realized that these formulations that we pay an arm and leg for were just copies of natural therapies that have existed for centuries in other cultures.

I went on to study Optometry as I felt that giving someone the gift of sight was far more noble than creating poisons for people to put in their bodies.  As I studied the eye, I realized there was so much more to this amazing little organ than just the ability to see!  I discovered that the eye is a window into the health of our entire body.  Fascinated by this concept, I studied Iridology and began to delve into other areas of alternative health.

Throughout this journey, I’ve had a few health challenges that I’ve treated successfully through natural means.  I created my website in order to share my knowledge with others and help them to achieve optimum health naturally.  Please visit www.DrCindyCork.com to learn more!