by DR. CINDY on March 10, 2010

You see perfectly well at distance.

You can get around without any problems.

Can’t see to read?  Well, you can just buy some magnifiers at the pharmacy right?

Why do you need to get an eye exam?

These things cost money after all!

Is it really necessary to get your eyes examined and dilated regularly?

YES, it is.

And I’m not just saying that because I’m an eye doctor, and I make money from your exam.

There is more to an eye exam than just checking your vision, though that is the part of the exam that  most people think of when they contemplate getting their eyes checked.  Visual acuity, or how well your eyes can see, is important but the health of your eyes is even more critical.

Our eyes are constantly working from the minute we open them in the morning until we close them at night.  Yet we do not stop to think about how our eyes really work.  Do we consider how our health affects our eyes?

Our eyes are windows to our inner health.  The eye is the only place in the body where all the blood vessels can be observed without performing surgery.  Just as the blood vessels in the body are affected by disease, so are those in the eye.  The difference is that the blood vessels in the eyes are extremely delicate and are affected to a greater degree.  In fact, many people don’t even know they have an illness until they have a thorough eye examination.

Many eye diseases are painless, therefore you may not recognize that your eyes are affected until you’ve lost most of your vision.  Unfortunately, once vision is lost it cannot be regained.

The way to prevent eye disease and potential vision loss is through proper nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, management of chronic health issues, and regular eye exams with an eye-care professional.

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