Live Blood Analysis is the examination of blood through a high-powered microscope using different conditions of light to help reveal its state.  A single drop of blood contains a mass of information which can be used to assess an individual’s current state of balance/imbalance.

Blood is the most important component in the human body.  It provides our every cell with vital oxygen and nutrients.  Blood is the system through which toxins and waste products are carried to the organs of elimination and it has an essential role in the maintenance of fluid balance.  So it stands to reason that if the blood is not in an optimal state then this will affect the rest of the body, and thus the mind and spirit.


This technique utilizes observation of a dry sample of the client’s blood to analyze the specific conditions of the internal organs, levels of acidosis and extent of free radical activity/damage.  This technique assists the practitioner in determining the degree of improvement in the client’s condition.

Seeing your blood live on a TV screen is one of the most exciting experiences you will ever go through.  Isn’t it time you step up to the plate and take action towards your health and vitality?

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