NUTRIPUNCTURE is based on the pioneering work of French physician, Dr. Patrick Veret M.D.  Through intense clinical research and cross-disciplinary innovation, Dr. Veret effectively combined the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the breakthrough endocellular nutrition discoveries of Georges Lahkovsky and Nobel Prize scientist and created the world’s first and only electro-physical nutritional and energetic acupuncture healing system.  This needle-less system uses trace minerals and oligometals to supply microcurrents of reinforcing energy and information to the cells, potentiating cellular membrane function amd balances and revitalizes the informational pathways of the body.

Because of its informational nourishment and support of the body’s cellular, nervous and meridian systems, nutripuncture gives rapid and specific targeted results without the side effects or interactions that occur with drugs and other nutritional therapies.

Dr. Cork studied under Dr. Veret and Acupuncture Physician Filiz Bakir to become a Certified Nutripuncture Practitioner.

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