What is meant by“raw foods”?  Also called “living” foods, these are fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts that have not been cooked.  (This does NOT include uncooked meats or seafoods!)Living foods contain naturally occurring vitamins and enzymes that help our bodies digest and process nutrients efficiently.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is filled with large quantities of cooked meats and starchy vegetables which puts great demands on our digestive systems.  Eating cooked foods diminishes the body’s capacity to generate enzymes for other vital functions, including the maintenance of our immune system. Heating and cooking foods changes the chemical bonds and therefore the structure of the foods.  The body has difficulty recognizing these as normal, and sees them as foreign substances.  To protect itself from these perceived invaders, the body’s immune system is activated unnecessarily.  The end result is dis-ease—diabetes, obesity, hypertension, autoimmune disease—conditions that are prevalent now more than ever.

Dr. Cindy became interested in the “Raw Foods” lifestyle ten years ago after spending a week at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.  This inspired her to do further research which led her to the Sunfired Food Institute in Jamaica.  There she studied under Dr. ArisLaTham who is considered “the father of gourmet ethical raw foods cuisine in America” and became a Certified Raw Foods Chef.  Several years later she went a step further and became a Certified Raw Foods Nutritionist and Teacher through Andrea McNinch’s amazing Regeneration Raw program in Michigan.

Since leaving her career as a Chemist behind, Dr. Cindy always felt that the body had the ability to heal itself naturally given the chance.  Proper nutrition plays an important role, and her studies into raw foods have only confirmed that for her.  Dr. Cindy recognizes that transitioning to a raw foods lifestyle can be quite challenging, and uses her personal experiences to help others modify their diets slowly and successfully.  When you are ready to make a positive change and improve your health, contact Dr. Cindy at info@DrCindyCork.com and let her assist you in achieving radiant health!