May 2010 “We Be Blending” Event

Dr. Cork,
I’m so happy there are still good people that care. Thank you. You are wonderful ūüôā
–CZ, Miami

Dr. Cork,
I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to go to Jamaica. ¬†Never in a million years would I have thought I would leave the States to do a mission trip (I never thought I would even leave the States!). ¬†I never really cared about that type of stuff, but now that I’ve done it, I feel like doing it again and again. ¬†I had an amazing experience that words can’t explain!!! This trip gave me the giving-back feeling I was searching for—just knowing I somehow made a difference. ¬†It made me appreciate the quality of my life a lot more. ¬†The hugs and smiles from the kids made me feel like a Caribbean Mother Theresa. LOL….Well again, thank you so much!

–SB, Liberty City

Dr. Cork,
I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you very much for helping us at the Miami Fair.  The event was a huge success and none of this would have been possible without your commitment and dedication!
…We were honored to work with you and Miami Dade and I am really amazed at how the students interacted with all the participants. ¬†It was amazing! ¬†For all of this and the great relationship you have helped us develop, I wanted to thank you. ¬†If you ever need something from us, please do not hesitate.
Best regards,
Transitions Optical

Dr. Cork,
Thank you for your words of encouragement. ¬†It is not often that I meet, and am friends with, a strong achieved woman as yourself. ¬†In the simplest terms, your letter made me feel great not only about Jamaica but who I am as a woman/person/student. ¬†Jamaica opened my mind and heart, your letter made me feel like a star. ¬†On the trip everyone became closer as a team and friends. ¬†We got to know each other outside of school. ¬†During that time, I learned so much about being grateful and aiming higher. ¬†It’s helped me to re-evaluate my goals. ¬†Dr. Cork, you personally inspired many people that week. ¬†I see you not only as a teacher and friend, but as a mentor. ¬†Thank you.
-AH, Miami

Dr. Cork,
Just a little note to say thanks for your positive feedback, and influential advice. ¬†People come and go, but every so often someone comes along you’ll always remember….and that’s you. Consider yourself most appreciated!! You truly are the BEST!!!
–SCB, Miami

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