Toilet Ring

Do you ever wonder why, even with regular cleaning of your toilet, you still get that disgusting ring of crud? It doesn’t matter what you use to clean, after a few days, it gets all funky again! Even if you don’t use the toilet at all, that darned ring still builds up!

So why does this happen? One word: BACTERIA! These microscopic organisms are everywhere: on surfaces, in the water, and especially in our pee and poop!

Now these organisms LOVE dark, wet places. That’s the most favorable condition for growth…so they start multiplying and multiplying! Eventually, they’ve increased so much in number that you see them as that ugly, slimy ring in the toilet.

This is what it’s like inside your body too. Our bowels contain millions of bacteria, so like our toilets, it’s important to clean out our insides from time to time as well. One may say that it is even more critical to give our insides a good scrubbing, because if the millions of bacteria inside our body start to multiply, it results in poor health.

Our gastrointestinal (GI) system begins at the mouth and ends at the butt and measures over twenty (20) feet long! Most of this comes from our intestines that are coiled up like a hose inside the abdomen. Now, I’m going to get a little gross for a moment… imagine twenty feet of feces sitting in your toilet for days without flushing. Now imagine how that would smell!! Not only would the bathroom stink, but very likely, your whole house would be funky too.

THAT’S what happens inside the body when we don’t eliminate on a regular basis. And regular elimination is not once every few days. Once every few days is called CONSTIPATION. You should be having a movement as many times a day as you eat, so if you eat five times a day, you should have five bowel movements. For most people that may seem a bit excessive or even improbable, so I would say that your goal should be AT LEAST once a day, preferably twice.

So how can we get to the point where we are eliminating this crud regularly every day?

First of all, we need to drink lots more water. The body is miraculous and will do anything it needs to in order to stay in balance (homeostasis). When we don’t drink enough water or take in enough fluids, the body will pull it from everywhere it can in the body. That includes our blood stream, our urine and our feces. When the feces are dry, they become very hard and difficult to eliminate. This leads to painful bowel movements and eventually hemorrhoids.

Second, we must eat foods that are high in fiber. And I’m talking about FOODS, not Metamucil and other fiber dietary supplements. Foods that are naturally high in fiber include fresh fruits and leafy greens. Oatmeal is also high in fiber, but I am not a big fan of cereals as a fiber source as most people add sweeteners and milk to them. This subtracts from the health factor of these sources.

Exercise also needs to be a part of our daily routine. Movement helps to move the lymph fluid in our bodies. The lymph moves toxins out of the body, but there is no valve system with the lymph as there is with our blood vessels. The lymph moves with the contraction of our muscles, so the more we move, the more we assist the elimination of these toxins.

So what are my recommendations? Drink a large (16 ounce) glass of room temperature water first thing in the morning upon awakening, and then move around for about fifteen minutes. You don’t need to do anything strenuous or demanding, just move! This will stimulate the bowels to move. This simple routine will get you “going” every morning. Eat lots of fresh fruit in the morning for breakfast. Fruit provides both water AND fiber, and it’s easy for your body to digest. Our bodies are in elimination phase during the morning hours, so the less energy the body has to expend on digesting heavy foods, the easier it is for the body to eliminate.

Finally, I recommend that everyone do an intestinal cleanse at least once a year. I personally do a mini- cleanse every three months when the seasons change, and then a heavy-duty one yearly. Cleansing is important because our intestines get clogged up over the years from our poor eating habits. Mucus builds up in the intestinal lining protecting the body from the toxins that we ingest. Over time, this mucus gets hard and prevents the body from absorbing nutrients from our foods. Toxins eventually leak out into our bloodstream and we start becoming sick.

There are many ways to cleanse; some are more intense and difficult to do than others. My personal favorite is the Master Cleanse. This cleans ALL the systems in the body from your intestines to your bloodstream. However, this is probably the most difficult cleanse to do, and requires immense will-power. Gentler cleanses involve eating certain high fiber foods or juicing for several weeks.

For many, doing a cleanse—even for just a short period of time—may seem like a daunting task. Most people cannot get past day three if they even get there at all. You may feel more comfortable doing the cleanse as part of a group or under the supervision of a coach. Send me an e-mail at and we can discuss your options.

Whatever method you choose will depend upon your personal preference. What matters most is that you do some form of cleansing. Remember, cleaning out our insides is far more important than cleaning our toilets!