We all know that eating fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to good health.  But how do we accomplish that when our schedules are so busy, our lives are so chaotic and our budgets are so strained?

Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to gobble down a 99 cent item from McDonald’s than it is to prepare a healthy, delicious meal.  And a lot less expensive….

Or so we tell ourselves.

Since when do we have to sacrifice our physical health for financial wealth?  Who says we can’t have fat wallets AND beautiful bods?  We can have it all…and still have extra time in our schedules!


Dr. Cork’s We Be Blending workshop introduces you to the basics of blending in an exciting, interactive seminar that empowers you to experiment with fabulous flavours and design ridiculously simple recipes.

Her Bring Your Own Blender (BYOB) format  teaches you how to electrify your diet with the energy of fresh fruits and vegetables using your own equipment.

Take charge of your health and engage your creativity through recipes tailored for your needs.  Kids love shakes, so what an excellent way to introduce them to healthy nutrition for a lifetime.  And it only takes a few minutes!

Lose weight naturally!

Experience increased energy!

Strengthen your immune system!

Stabilize blood sugar levels!

Reduce cravings!

Uncover your body’s natural beauty!

Make the decision to enjoy radiant health.

It’s easier than you think!