Watching Your Weight While on Vacation

by DR. CINDY on July 16, 2013

It’s always stressful planning a vacation, and it’s even worse when we have to worry about how to enjoy ourselves without gaining too much weight!  I know that I have a hard time sticking to healthy eating when I’m away on holiday.  Following are some tips on how to keep the weight off while on vacation written by my friend, Cole Millen.  If you like this article, please visit his blog for more articles on Travel and Health at


Going on vacation is a time to have fun while resting and relaxing. You may have been planning for this trip for a while and you may even have dieted in order to get in shape for the special occasion. There are many people who work hard to achieve a fit body for their vacation, but only to end up eating poorly throughout the vacation, thus resulting in weight gain. If you want to keep the weight off during your vacation, there are several tips for staying healthy and eating nutritiously.

Eating Healthy While Flying

Some people start their vacation off on the wrong foot by eating poorly while on the plane. One of the best ways to avoid heating unhealthy snack foods on the plane is to eat a full and nutritious meal prior to taking the plane to your destination. If absolutely necessary to eat while flying, make wise selections. There are healthy food options, which include a variety of salads, fruits, and even baked selections. You can also get a bit of exercise in even while at the airport by using the step to take your luggage out of the airport instead of using an elevator or escalator.

Searching and Eating Healthy in the Hotel

Did you know there is an impressive list of some of the healthiest hotels in the United States? You can check out this list of hotels to find out which ones have nutritious foods available, along with a fitness center and exercise equipment. Many hotels are taking an initiative to provide healthy food options and workout opportunities for their guests. Finding these hotels can sometimes be tough. I have found the most unbiased and helpful form of information to be from other travelers reviews. I recently did some research and found a site with a list of Las Vegas hotels that reviewed everything from their amenities to the restaurants nearby. I found this extremely helpful and it ultimately led to me booking a stay in a hotel with a complete gluten free restaurant within.

If you find yourself without the healthy option I had in my stay, you may find yourself getting off-track of your diet because of the endless food and snack opportunities at the hotel. While it may take willpower, it is important to avoid temptation. If the mini bar is optional for your hotel room, simply ask not to have it. Not only will you save money, you will also be avoiding temptation of eating those little snacks. You should also check for nearby grocery stores so that you can shop for wholesome and healthy foods ahead of time instead of having to rely on food from room service. You can also purchase instant oatmeal and soups that can easily be prepared from the convenience of your hotel room.

Look for Healthy Restaurants

While you can prepare your own healthy meals on vacation, a vacation is still about resting and relaxation. In that case, you may want to check for different restaurants in the area that provide healthy meal options. You should avoid fast food joints, especially since they rarely have healthy and nutritious options available. Restaurants that serve fish will usually have healthy options to choose from. Some restaurants also list the calories in each dish that they prepare, which will help you keep track of the amount of calories you are consuming. If you are going to eat out, make sure that you make wise decisions that will benefit your body.

Enjoy your vacation time but also be mindful of the pounds that you worked so hard to get off. Simply avoid eating the wrong things and also try to fit in time to exercise during your trip. This will allow you to enjoy your vacation without packing on the pounds.


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